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Watercolour Ground Mars Black 4oz

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Quick Overview

Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground creates a soft, absorbent watercolour surface with a slightly cottony texture that's similar to cold pressed paper. With this breakthrough archival quality ground, you can rescue flawed paintings, create new work on any surface, lift and scrub without damaging the painting surface.

For too long, the beautiful medium of watercolour has been confined to a paper-behind-glass niche. Now, with this exciting new ground, anything you’ve dreamed of painting with watercolour can become a reality. It’s easy to use—just brush it on—and incredibly versatile.

Mars Black makes our Luminescent Watercolors “pop” and also provides an exciting, unexpected background for all your standard watercolour paints. Soft pastels, graphite and watercolour pencils show up beautifully on both the buff and black.

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