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Rosco Scenic Products

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  1. Rosco Tough Prime

    Rosco Tough Prime

    Starting at: £82.50

    Tough Prime is a water-based primer which is able to bond to hard-to-prime surfaces such as plastics, metals, foams and light fabrics. Tough Prime can be used to prime muslin, dance floors, vinyl projection screens and even carpet. We have successfully tinted Tough Prime with water-based paints to create even and scuff-resistant floor designs. Use neat for most applications. Learn More
  2. Rosco PA Flame retardant additive

    Rosco Flamex PA Flame Retardant Additive 237 ml


    Flamex PA is a clear, un-pigmented additive for creating a flame retardant paint layer. Add one full jar of Flamex PA to a US gallon (3.79L) of water based paint to make your paint coating flame retardant. Flamex PA is compatible in most latex or vinyl acrylic paints but always test with your specific paint choice. Do not use Flamex PA with metallic paints as the metal pigments may react and tarnish or corrode. Flamex PA does NOT alter the flammability of the substrate being painted but only adds a retardant treatment that slows the spread of fire along the surface. Rosco Flamex PA has been pre-measured and should be added to a single US Gallon (3.78L) of paint. Once combined, the paint/Flamex mixture can be diluted as desired but the dry paint film must be no less than 4 mil in thickness. The effectiveness of a fire retardant barrier is dependent on both the fire retardant additive and the thickness of the coating. Flamex PA is not intended to be used in place of other flame retardant products. Where possible, always treat the substrate material using the appropriate flame retardant. Learn More
  3. Rosco Flexbond 3.78 Litre

    Rosco Flexbond 3.78 Litre


    Clear adhesive for general purpose use on porous or non-purpose surfaces, including difficult surfaces like Ethafoam. Learn More
  4. Rosco Glame 122 cm (48 in) x 9.14 m Roll

    Rosco Glame 122 cm (48 in) x 9.14 m Roll

    Starting at: £154.30

    Glamé is woven from a durable, lightweight, self-extinguishing plastic film making it an excellent choice for theatrical, or any entertainment venues. Learn More
  5. Rosco Foamcoat White 3.78 Litre

    Rosco Foamcoat White 3.78 Litre


    Rosco Foamcoat is a water-based flame retardant coating suitable for a variety of surfaces including foam forms. It can be carved into or sanded smooth to achieve such effects as tree bark, masonry, and rugged terrain. Foamcoat dries to a hard, durable coating that can withstand very abusive handling. It also performs well when used to enhance or texturise floors. Learn More
  6. Rosco Cristal Gel

    Rosco Cristal Gel

    Starting at: £71.20

    Out of stock

    Clear medium made from Styrene resin, which coats almost any surface. Stays clear and flexible. Ideal medium for glitter. Learn More
  7. Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze

    Rosco Clear Acrylic Glaze

    Starting at: £54.60

    Clear glaze designed to extend paint and to act as a top coat. Will mix with any water-based paints including the Super Saturated and Off Broadway ranges. Learn More
  8. Rosco Chroma Key

    Rosco Chroma Key

    Starting at: £96.30

    Rosco Chroma Key Paints have been formulated to provide the high luminance values and colour saturation for keying effects. Learn More
  9. Rosco Tester Kits

    Rosco Tester Kits

    Starting at: £66.50

    Rosco Tester Kits Learn More
  10. Rosco Off-Broadway Paint

    Rosco Off-Broadway Paint

    Starting at: £37.20

    Versatile vinyl acrylic paint in a complete range of theatrical colours. This range is extremely popular with scenic professionals in the United States and represents excellent value for money. It is suitable for use on a broad range of surfaces and can be used neat from the tin or ‘stretched’ by diluting with water. Learn More

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