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Old Holland Oils 15103 Wooden Box Set 34 x 40ml

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Containing: 34 tubes 40 ml (Colours may vary)

  • A1 Titanium White,

  • A2 Zinc White,

  • A6 Old Holland Yellow Light,

  • B115 Flesh Tint,

  • B10 Scheveningen Yellow Lemon,

  • B124 Gamboge Lake Extra,

  • C18 Scheveningen Orange,

  • C133 Old Holland Red Gold Lake,

  • D148 Vermilion Extra,

  • B22 Scheveningen Red Light,

  • C163 Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra,

  • D181 Old Holland Magenta,

  • C202 Dioxazine Mauve,

  • C220 Old Delft Blue,

  • C232 Carribean Blue,

  • C241 Manganese Blue Deep,

  • B37 French Ultramarine Light Extra,

  • C247 Old Holland Cyan Blue,

  • E250 Cobalt Blue,

  • C49 Scheveningen Green Deep,

  • B274 Emerald Green,

  • B292 Sapgreen Lake Extra,

  • B316 Naples Yellow Deep Extra,

  • A53 Yellow Ochre Light,

  • A56 Raw Sienna Light,

  • B334 Transparent Oxide-Red Lake,

  • A61 Burnt Sienna,

  • A343 Flesh Ochre,

  • A66 Caput Mortuum Violet (Mars),

  • A70 Burnt Umber, A69 Raw Umber,

  • A361 Old Holland Warm Grey Light,

  • A74 Ivory Black Extra,

  • 2 Bottles Of Medium, 3 Brushes, 2 Palette Cups, Charcoal and 3 Palette Knives

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