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  1. Roberson Solid Metal Sticks

    Roberson Solid Metal Sticks

    Starting at: £14.90

    Artists' quality metallic oil paint sticks for painting & drawing. Non-tarnishing and highly pigmented, these soft paint sticks are made with an unique mix of mica pigments, oils and waxes which generate a solid metal effect. Easy to use alongside regular oil paint. Blend and shade the colours together to make further shades. Treat as oil paint for surface preparation and clean-up. Learn More
  2.  Viarco Vintage Gold Pencil Box

    Viarco Vintage Gold Pencil Box


    Vintage 2000 Gold Box. Contains 12 x HB pencils in a vintage box. Learn More
  3. Lascaux Gouache 85ml

    Lascaux Gouache 85ml

    Starting at: £12.20

    Lascaux Gouache is highly concentrated acrylic-modified tempera paint with opaque satin-matt finish. It has thick and smooth consistency and can be diluted with water. Even when highly diluted, the colours retain their brilliance and intensity. Lascaux Gouache drys into a water-soluble film, allowing more layers to be painted over without dissolving the previously dry layer. The paint has excellent lightfastness and luminance. Learn More
  4. Roberson Liquid Metals 2.5L

    Roberson Liquid Metals 2.5L

    Starting at: £126.00

    Acrylic based paint manufactured from the Metallic Lustre Pigments to an exceptionally high specification. These paints give a rich and brilliant metallic colours and will not tarnish. The colours are inter mixable and will adhere well to most surfaces including plaster, wood, canvas, paper etc. For spray application use HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun with 1.6 or 1.8 mm nozzle. Thin the paint with 25/30 % water. Learn More
  5. Wedge Retainers

    Wedge Retainers

    Starting at: £0.60

    A simple solution to securing picture wedges. Plastic wedge retainers sit behind the wedge, and prevent it falling out when the wood shrinks. Wedge Retainers offer a solution to securing wedges, but also have the advantage over traditional ways of being very quick and simple to apply, giving a neat pleasing finish to the back of the picture. They produced in a dull gold colour, being made from high density polyethylene and are quickly and simply tacked into position with brass pins (included). These also allow the wedges to be tapped in further as required. Learn More
  6. Cornelissen Fabriano Watercolour Book

    Cornelissen Fabriano Watercolour Book

    Starting at: £32.00

    Cornelissen Fabriano Watercolour Book. Landscape 185 x 240 mm. Available in HP (Hot Pressed) and NOT (Cold Pressed). Fabriano Artistico Traditional White. 200gsm books contain 46 sheets/92 sides. 300gsm books contain 30 sheets/60 sides. Branded L. Cornelissen & Son in stamp gold foil. Learn More
  7. Roberson Treasure Sealer

    Roberson Treasure Sealer


    Roberson Treasure Sealer is a crystal clear quick drying varnish specifically designed for the Treasure Gold range of metallic paints. It seals and protects the finish, maintaining the bright metallic finish and protecting against wear. Learn More
  8. Old Holland Oils 15017 Lake Set N2 10 x 40ml

    Old Holland Oils 15017 Lake Set N2 10 x 40ml


    Containing: 10 tubes 40 ml (Colours may vary)

    • B118 Indian Yellow-Green Lake Extra,
    • B130 Indian Yellow-Brown Lake Extra,
    • C133 Old Holland Red Gold Lake,
    • C157 Scarlet Lake Extra,
    • B172 Rose Dore Madder Lake Antique Extra,
    • C163 Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra,
    • C298 Old Holland Golden Green Deep,
    • C304 Hooker’ s Green Lake Light Extra,
    • B292 Sapgreen Lake Extra,
    • B331 Italian Brown Pink Lake
    Learn More
  9. Old Holland Oils 15103 Wooden Box Set 34 x 40ml

    Old Holland Oils 15103 Wooden Box Set 34 x 40ml

    RRP Price: £541.80

    Special Price £505.80

    Containing: 34 tubes 40 ml (Colours may vary)

    • A1 Titanium White,
    • A2 Zinc White,
    • A6 Old Holland Yellow Light,
    • B115 Flesh Tint,
    • B10 Scheveningen Yellow Lemon,
    • B124 Gamboge Lake Extra,
    • C18 Scheveningen Orange,
    • C133 Old Holland Red Gold Lake,
    • D148 Vermilion Extra,
    • B22 Scheveningen Red Light,
    • C163 Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra,
    • D181 Old Holland Magenta,
    • C202 Dioxazine Mauve,
    • C220 Old Delft Blue,
    • C232 Carribean Blue,
    • C241 Manganese Blue Deep,
    • B37 French Ultramarine Light Extra,
    • C247 Old Holland Cyan Blue,
    • E250 Cobalt Blue,
    • C49 Scheveningen Green Deep,
    • B274 Emerald Green,
    • B292 Sapgreen Lake Extra,
    • B316 Naples Yellow Deep Extra,
    • A53 Yellow Ochre Light,
    • A56 Raw Sienna Light,
    • B334 Transparent Oxide-Red Lake,
    • A61 Burnt Sienna,
    • A343 Flesh Ochre,
    • A66 Caput Mortuum Violet (Mars),
    • A70 Burnt Umber, A69 Raw Umber,
    • A361 Old Holland Warm Grey Light,
    • A74 Ivory Black Extra,
    • 2 Bottles Of Medium, 3 Brushes, 2 Palette Cups, Charcoal and 3 Palette Knives
    Learn More
  10. Roberson Treasure Gold 25g

    Roberson Treasure Gold 25g

    Starting at: £10.80

    Roberson Treasure Gold 25g Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 138 total

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