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Brodie & Middleton Flamebar PE6

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Natural Fabrics & Materials: Cotton, Linen, Muslin, Rayon, Wool, Silk, Feathers, Animal Skins
Synthetic textiles: Polyester, Nylon, Acrylics, Dralon, Suede,. Polycotton, Silk & Artificial Silk (Rayon) Flowers, Carpets, Wall Coverings, Curtains, Seating, Mattress Cover, Foam, Stage Curtains, Drapes & Scenery.
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SKU Product Name Price Qty
31500206016 Brodie & Middleton Flamebar 1 Litre PE6
31500206017 Brodie & Middleton Flamebar 2.5 Litre PE6
31500206018 Brodie & Middleton Flamebar 5 Litre PE6
31500206019 Brodie & Middleton Flamebar 25 Litre PE6

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